I love my secretary…



So remember back when I posted about buying an old wooden secretary desk from a charity shop? And how I was going to paint her to get rid of that nasty wood? I even pinned a whole load of ideas, pretty much all painted.



The desk spent a few months sat in Mr V’s parents’ garage (where the top half still is) until a few weekends ago. A funny thing happened when we moved it into the flat and gave it a bit of a polish… I realised I love it exactly as it is.

(Although I still need to change the hardware.)

I still have plans for the cabinet part once it arrives. I bought some magnetic primer and then I’m going to put a lick of duck egg blue paint over the top. Magnetic primer might seem like a weird choice for inside the cabinet… but I thought it would be a nice way to display postcards and other little things quickly and easily. We’ll see – I’ll probably change my mind when that comes too!


I’m already loving using all the little nooks and crannies. Things keep moving around but for now I have diaries and notebooks in the left hand cubbies. The big middle nooks I keep my ipad and macbook in. The empty one on the right is for my camera and the far right one is full of cards ready to send to people (one of the main reasons I wanted a desk was to do more letter writing).

The drawers are my favourite! On the left I have assorted stationery and on the right I have thank you cards, notelets, stamps and my fountain pen.


Other than changing the hardware and painting the inside of the cabinet (once we save it from the garage!) I also plan to drill holes in the back of the nooks so I can have my chargers come through form the back. I may also paint the nooks and the insides of the drawers. At the moment I use a folding chair when I sit at it but I’m wondering about a handsome stool or other chair that I could stash in the window nook.

It’s a long time since I had a useable desk. It’s so nice to have a little zone to blog, to write, to sort things out.


I may yet change my mind and paint it but I just want to live with it a while and see how I feel about it in a few months.


  • Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication
    April 5, 2012 - 7:05 pm | Permalink

    I agree! I love it natural and as is! It’s such a beautiful piece!

  • Kristen @ Popcorn on the Stove
    April 5, 2012 - 7:10 pm | Permalink

    I agree – it looks really lovely as is!

  • Brandi @ His Shabby Her Chic
    April 5, 2012 - 8:14 pm | Permalink

    I’m with you on leaving it as is. I love it! I even love the hardware to be honest.

    • April 9, 2012 - 5:45 pm | Permalink

      I don’t think you’d love them close up, they’re weirdly angular with flowers carved into them.

    • April 9, 2012 - 5:45 pm | Permalink

      But really glad you like the rest! Thanks.

  • Ashleigh
    April 6, 2012 - 9:01 am | Permalink

    I’m glad you didn’t paint it, i like it how it is. I am trying to persuade Rodney that we REALLY need one of these but he isn’t convinced yet!! xox

    • April 9, 2012 - 5:46 pm | Permalink

      Hooray, so glad! I think it’s a really handy furniture design for small flats. Funnily enough Mr V isn’t that keen either, maybe it’s a boy thing!

  • Ainhoa
    April 6, 2012 - 9:38 am | Permalink

    I was going to say I loved it as is, too! It’s beautiful.

  • Sydney
    April 6, 2012 - 11:43 am | Permalink

    I’m glad you didn’t paint it. While paint is nice on certain things, the wood on this is so nice and regal looking. Super classic. Paint is trendy, wood is timeless.. For the most part anyways :)

  • April 7, 2012 - 1:42 pm | Permalink

    I’m starting to realize how much we need a few nice pieces of furniture around here, so your furniture posts are really tempting! I love your secretary desk too. =)

  • April 7, 2012 - 1:42 pm | Permalink

    Oh! and P.S. I’m also loving the changes around here…they look great!

    • April 9, 2012 - 5:48 pm | Permalink

      Thanks and thanks! I’m loving being able to reply to people and enjoying learning how wordpress works.

  • Tiffannie
    April 10, 2012 - 7:12 pm | Permalink

    painted or left as is, it’s a beautiful and fantastically functional piece. I’m super jealous of it!!

  • April 11, 2012 - 2:11 pm | Permalink

    I LOVE LOVE this!!! All of my correspondence supplies are stashed away in little Ikea boxes [not really that accessible] which makes the whole letter writing process kind of daunting. You’ve inspired me to organize a little differently, especially considering I have a lot of envelopes to address and thank you cards to write in my near future! I better shape things up! :)


    • April 11, 2012 - 3:10 pm | Permalink

      Yes! I have written like six letters/cards since setting the desk up this way – you need to have everything easily to hand to be able to send them when the inspiration strikes (stamps are always my downfall)

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